An ‘international ecosystem’ of global connections, iconic properties, and integrated trade services under the umbrella of a prestigious brand


The World Trade Centers Association: An international ecosystem of global connections, iconic properties, and integrated trade services under the umbrella of a prestigious brand.

Established in 1970, the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) consists of a diverse group of approximately 330 World Trade Centers (WTCs) worldwide dedicated to community economic development. WTC owners and sponsors include public and private corporations, economic development agencies, ports authorities and airports, major convention and conference centers, commercial property developers, universities, chambers of commerce, and other international entities looking to connect globally and prosper locally.

In over 90 countries, properties and trade service organizations are exclusively branded ‘World Trade Center’. These entities assist over one million international businesses through their membership and tenancy. Furthermore, WTCs are supported by 15,000 full-time professionals that deliver integrated, reciprocal resources to address your international business needs.





Continuing to be the world’s most trusted global brand for international trade and business connections through our proprietary network of branded properties and integrated trade services.



To expand the reach, and increase the quality, of the WTCA global network.



  • SERVICE-ORIENTED: Seek to better understand the needs of our members and offer solutions that deliver value and create long-term relationships.
  • RESPONSIVE: Strive for efficient and meaningful interactions.
  • COLLABORATIVE: Work together to create an enriching culture built on trust and respect.
  • INNOVATIVE: Aim to be strategic, entrepreneurial, and forward-thinking.
  • ETHICAL: Conduct business with integrity and transparency.
  • CULTURALLY DIVERSE: Perpetuate a culture that fosters creativity, productivity, mutual respect and mutual appreciation.


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World Trade Centers (WTCs) are apolitical entities that are licensed under the WTCA. Each WTC is responsible for a particular economic region in any country throughout the world. The mission of a WTC is to support the establishment and successful operation of a high-profile regional international trading enterprise. A WTC connects and engages local businesses with the global economy in order to increase local job creation. The WTCA, as an umbrella company, provides a network for all the WTCs to participate in reciprocal services and supply their member tenants and businesses access to international trade services and facilities.

Typically, WTCs are represented by Class A real estate developments branded “World Trade Center”. WTC projects are recognized worldwide thanks to their optimal location and branding. The latter makes the largest impact on the performance of WTCs. In most instances, WTC projects outperform their competitive counterparts due to the worldwide prestige and opportunities presented by the WTCA.

Thanks to the WTC brand name recognition, many WTCs are superior financial performers. Each WTC plays a crucial role in their regional economy by increasing global trade and commerce through their services. Furthermore, the members and tenants are generally economic development organizations ranging from public entities, like governmental agencies, to private and non-profit firms such as chambers of commerce and international commercial property developers.

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