February 22, 2018 February 22, 2018, February 22, 2018

The Global Economic Summit (GES) is the flagship annual event of MVIRDC World Trade Center Mumbai and All India Association of Industries. This years theme is ‘Global Value Chains: Accelerating MSME Growth Development and Sustainability.’
The Summit will highlight on the opportunities and challenges for MSMEs to enhance their participation in GVCs. It will also discuss the relevance of GVCs for overall economic growth and sustainable development.
The Summit will examine the effects of the entire process of producing goods from raw materials to finished products, which is increasingly carried out wherever the necessary skills and raw materials are available at competitive cost and quality. This will provide opportunities for MSMEs to extend beyond local boundaries by addressing the trends in the markets in developing, emerging and developed economies, for their integration into the value chains.
What is more required is skill development of the people to take up high value-added jobs, improving logistics infrastructure for smooth movement of goods within the economy and outside, promoting investor-friendly policies, rationalization of labour laws, as well as harmonization of standards for better integration in the GVCs.

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