Why the world’s mayors are stepping up on global issues

Jun 06, 2019

“Nationalism is all the rage right now, and not just in the United States. Throughout much of the Western world, voters in areas of economic and often demographic decline are making their anger felt at the ballot box. Mainstream political parties on both the right and the left are scrambling to capture the momentum and accommodate what they see as a profoundly nationalist moment in global politics.

The consequences are being felt all over the globe, as major nations, led by the United States, abandon long-standing policies in support of free trade, open borders and multilateral cooperation. Protectionist sentiment is rising, doors to migrants are closing and international agreements are being ignored, if not abandoned altogether.

Yet, the growing effort to put narrow national interests first ignores a broader and more important trend shaping the world — urbanization and the gradual shift in power from the nation to the city. Mayors may not yet be ruling the world, but they are increasingly demanding a seat at the table where decisions on how to address global challenges are being made.”

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